RE: ScreenShots


Sorry no barely dressed female models with backbreaking bust proportions. =)

Seriously though, we are aware that our graphics aren't directX 10 and Windows Vista required quality. In fact they are designed that way, we are not aiming for being cutting edge graphically which will allow us the flexibility for practically anyone with a dedicated video card to play and hope that by release we can convince you that we have made up some ground on those 7 years in your eyes. Whats funny is hearing the agony in the voice of the dev who works on the shaders every time he has to make something work on cards that don't have 2.0 capability, I don't know how long his computer will be able to take the abuse Grinning.

As you mentioned Siggy gameplay comes first, I look forward to hearing your bug reports and suggestions during the beta process.

And yes the forums are moving along at a good clip, glad to see it, but wish I could spare more time to keep up with everyone's concerns. Can't wait for the beta to begin so some of our "forum junkie" (I believe is the correct term) testers can answer some of these great questions with authority =).

Keep up the questions and concerns.

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