Research in Beyond Protocol takes many forms. The research however can be broken into four distinct categories:
• Alloy Development which allows the player to develop new alloys from existing minerals or alloys.
• Components Development which allows the player to develop the various components that make up a final production unit.
• Unit Development which allows for players to develop units with the components they have developed.
• Tech Tree Development which encompasses those things that enhance the overall game experience and/or develop the capabilities of the other research areas.

Research is implemented.

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Maybe we should provide some basic ideas for units that can be built. I like building units that move relatively slow, but has an arsenal of guns and armour for simply beating down the enemy facilities. Another thing I think we need to make sure people understand is the ability to design your own structures. Remember my "paper tiger" strategy.


Research (5 minutes elapse) is difficult to explain. Mostly because the first rule of Beyond Protocol is to not say too much about research, and the second rule of Beyond Protocol is to not say too much about research.

I have spent hours, oh so many hours in the research system trying to nickel and dime research time, research costs, production times and costs out of my researchers. I have missed meals without knowing it because of the research system. It is robust and highly entertaining.

I prefer fast firing weapons, all mounted on 1 arc (not necessarily the forward arc) and that arc also where the vast majority of my armour is located. To make these work I make my engines highly manoeuvrable so that my units can get that 1 arc facing its target quickly and keep it there. Downsides to this design is of course flanking but the upside is maximum firepower directed at the enemy, and I can place all my vital systems in the areas that will be away from the combat giving them less chance of being damaged.

Enoch Dagor

In Csaj's list above, one item mentioned is the "Components Development" research. The most important thing to realize about research is that the design of components (the items placed onto ships) is left in the hands of the player, not the developers.

This means that instead of researching a tech that gives you "Focused Ion Laser" that gives 3-10 damage, with a 2 second rate of fire and a range of 30, you would actually design (from the ground up) the Focused Ion Laser. And, of course, you could even name it something else.

These designed components are then researched and then you will be able to place them on your units and facilities. This approach to custom components will be new to RTS fans and may take some time to get use to. In the end, however, it provides great flexibility to the player and permits the player to create their own strategy.

I've fought against Csaj's "broadside" technique and it can be very frustrating. It forces the player into using multiple fronts to attack, otherwise, your units just take too much damage. And it is an offensive powerhouse, however, defensively it has its downfalls. I will also admit that his battles produce some of the best screenshots.


There are hard maximum's behind most everything that most people with programming backgrounds will recognize 0-255, ~31000, 2.17 billion. But, as you approach these hard maximums you hit algorithmically controlled soft barriers:
research time (minutes, hours, days, months, years) and research costs (in credits and minerals) are one time costs that must be balanced with:
Production time and production costs (in credits, minerals, components, crew, etc.) that are per component or per unit costs.

Try to make a shield with 1000000 hit points and you will find that it will take trillions possibly quadrillions of credits and billions of minerals. It will take you 3000 years to complete and all that is the research costs, then to produce one of them it will take trillions of credits, high millions maybe billions of minerals and who knows how long in production time. The moral of the story is its possible to make this shield because its under the hard limit… but its not possible (with the settings and minerals/alloys you used).

Why then not lower the hard limits?
Reaching hard limits isn't fun.
We want players to use their creativity and ingenuity to stretch the bounds of our soft limits. Much of closed beta testing will be aimed at probing these bounds for points that the bounds break instead of stretch.

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