Orbital Bombardment

Orbital Bombardment


What are everyone's thoughts about orbital bombardments?
How do you perceive this working?
Concerns you have with it being in the game?
Effects it should have on the planet?


Yeah I am thinking along the same lines… have it be an option for either ships that are too large to enter a planets atmosphere or for ships you don't want to put in harms way but not have it be a instant raze a section of ground effect since those effects always were horribly unfun for me on RTS's of the past.

e.g. Nuclear.. Nuc… Nucl… Nuc… Nuclear Lau… Nuclear Launch Detected.
Find the red dots!

I like the disruption of mining operations and such. That gives a tactical reason to bombard. I can see the colony's morale being affected heavily by being bombarded.

Just cause i say something doesn't make it so. If you disagree with anything in the designs topic say so, debate, I like debating.


Good posts. At this point ammo has been removed from the game. In fact, we are now rushing to get the tutorial to not mention it anymore. It was in a few months ago and after players experienced everything going on in the game, it was quite evident that it created too much micromanagement into the mix. This game will be huge to alot of players. So big in fact, that we expect our cooperative play functionality to be utilized heavily. The whole idea of ammo was great in the beginning, but has found itself to be more trouble than it was fun.

On bombardment: As it is written now, bombardment is nice to assist in an attack. It is not overbearing, and it provides a true sense of epic proportion to the game. Bombardment will not be an effective strategy to wiping out a planet. It doesn't have the accuracy you would need….as it is written now.

Enoch MAY trump this post, so this might not be final—but its mostly accurate.

Enoch Dagor

Nope Aurelius, sounds about right. I've been watching this thread and grinning at the ideas coming up in it.

The way orbital bombardment currently works (and this is subject to much change) is that there are different fire support missions you can call down onto a planet. The fire support missions dictate how often shots are fired and the accuracy of those shots. The general rule of thumb is that as shots are fired quicker, the accuracy is decreased. Tighter "cones of fire" require slower rates of fire.

Orbital Bombardment is not overpowered in its current form. I'm anxious to get some more tests around it but at present it is only useful if you have supremacy in space over the planet and units located there with heavy weaponry capable of inflicting large amounts of damage.

I like some of the optional ideas for Orbital Bombardment, namely, the different methods (radiation, etc…). A limit to the types of weapons used in Orbital Bombardment may make it in to the game before final release.

As for ammo, it is unfortunate because of the amount of hours put into the ammo system. But in the end, it was just too fine of a level of micromanagement. It was cool the first time, but after that it became nothing more than a headache and a huge frustration.

Keep up the good ideas everyone. I am anxious to read more.


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