A Nebula encompasses an area of the galaxy. Any systems within that area of the galaxy are considered to be inside the Nebula. A Nebula has a wide variety of effects on units, facilities, and even the composition of the system or planets.

Nebula's are intended, however as of yet unimplemented.
What effects would you like nebulae to have?

We would love to hear your thoughts about this idea.
Or start a new topic with ideas you would like to see happen.


I think Nebulae should disable shields for sure. That is what most people will recognize from watching movies…especially ST2:WoK. I kinda think that missiles should be ineffective too…or at least provide a deep to-hit reduction modifier.

Enoch Dagor

We can make different nebulae have different effects. We can also make the effect change the artistic display of the nebula.

For example, a purple hazy nebula could be "no shields" while a blue electrically charged nebula could be "no shields and reduced radar".

Some ideas for effects:
• Slowed movement
• No shields
• Reduced Radar
• Exposed Armor and Hull gets damaged over time
• Explosion Radii increased due to volatile gases

That's all I got so far. I think I have a document somewhere regarding Nebula Effects but I'll need to dig it up.


In reading everyone's great suggestions I thought of one myself, perhaps sensors could be modified. This effect could be handled in several ways:
1. Reduce the sight radius of the units within the nebulae
2. Cause units to not be able to distinguish friend from foe (friendly fire)
3. Perhaps only long range sensors are affected.
4. (I apologize for forgetting who posted the idea for beneficial nebulae) you could have some nebulae that enhance visibility.
You could also have "pretty" or luminescent nebulae that attract more colonist or keep your current colonists happy.

Enoch Dagor

Csaj: "You could also have "pretty" or luminescent nebulae that attract more colonist or keep your current colonists happy."

That statement struck me funny. Almost like an addictive or pheromone-based nebula. A lot of good ideas in this thread. Keep it up!

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