Re: Inflation


So economics. This is probably the most difficult design we had to come up with and in fact, it has been on the drawing board since the beginning. Essentially, we have outflows in the form of buildouts. Namely, production takes money, time, and minerals. Research takes money, time, and minerals. Trade with others takes money and time. Espionage takes money and time. The number one aspect of any economy is scarcity (Econ 101). Without it, there is no economy. Consider the games where minerals refresh…those are inflated economies. Consider the king of RTS, Starcraft; when the rocks run out, the game is over. The gas continued to flow but at a slower pace in order to inform the player, they needed to expand and make a move and get rid of the "build and wait" mentality.

Scarcity is the key, and with it, everything has a value. It will certainly change your opinions when it comes to sending units into losing battles, or just spending to spend. The economic strategies of this game are as intense as the combat strategies. If you hurt the morale of the colonies, you will hurt the overall empire. To those who love the full out strategy, this will be a nice compliment. Again, if you think this game is big, you are right. Why do you think we put in cooperative capabilities in a single empire?

Scarcity is also what allows economies of any type to interact…but as the oracle puts it, "what will really fry your noodle is…" why did Aurelius bold-italicize any?

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