How Beyond Protocol Came To Be


1991'ish - The game was designed and built as a turn-based board game on posterboards with car fuses, clay, and wood chip units. After a full day of play with very few turns completed it became clear that this beast would not be contained to a board game.

1992'ish - A group formed dedicated to making this game into a game playable on a PC. Many core design ideas previously left out due to impossibility were thrown into a melting pot and discussed for a while. Much of this was recorded in notebooks. There was never any actual code written during this time just idea bouncing and life eventually moved on.

2001 - Another attempt at completing this dream took place. Three of us spent eleven months designing and coding in. In the end we had all the infrastructure of the game done but couldn't see our results graphically which led to demoralization and eventually going our seperate ways once more.

2006-2007 - Here we are, seeing 15+ years of dreams come to fruition. We have passed the "if" peak of this mountain we have been climbing and are focusing on the fast approaching "when" valley on the otherside. Welcome to the ever growing avalanche of people pushing this project faster and faster down the mountain.


I am hoping that someday this thread will see all of the people who were there during those brainstorms and days spent around the tables of our favorite barbecue restaurants. One day, we will put in a glass case in our offices those notebooks. I wish we had kept the game pieces though.

I am so very proud that we have persisted this long.

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