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Vimes and Fairn…thank you for the observation. THAT is exactly our intent. We know that a right-priced subscription model such that a long-term player gets the maximum financial benefit will be the deciding factor of success for this game. This game is not meant to be played by those who cannot handle the depth of a game. In fact, this is going to be one of those games where the players will actually treasure the stuff they have and will covet the stuff they do not. We have designed this whole game around that concept. RTS games to date have all been designed with fixed paths in research, set diplomatic stances, rigid trade structures, and stale storylines.

This game is around the idea that the player really does understand what is best for the game. If the player has a stake in the game because they treasure what they have in it, not just the time they invest to work some tech tree or have some BFG that everyone else can work to get as well, then the player will always consider their choices to improve their stake. There was nothing more aggravating than seeing everybody with Dwarven Work Boots because I know I worked hard at it…but it wasn't mine. The copy of it was mine.

Too many times the developers in all their wisdom restrict the player's innovation. I hope in 5 years we will look back to these days and consider the industry differently. Game Developers before this game will go down as those who tell great stories. Game Developers after this game will go down as those who provide excellent quills for the player to write their own stories.


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