Experience Levels


Experience Levels


Entities have an Experience Level.
As the entity survives experiences… it will gain Experience Levels.
The levels fall into a range which determines bonuses to certain rolls and attributes throughout the game.

Entity specific experience levels are implemented.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this idea.
Or start a new topic with ideas you would like to see happen.


Nimnode - definitely considering putting in an experience reporting system. May be tricky to determine which units are "a part" of that colony with units inside units and units inside buildings and such. But, its on the list now of wishes.

Sanian - Experience for each unit is implemented and it augments health, to hit, to be hit, speed, maneuverability, and command requirements (how much of your soft unit cap that unit takes up). As for the scavenging that is an interesting idea we have item drops possible on destroyed units but having the destroying unit benefit from destroying a unit doesn't occur. I'll add that to the suggestions list.


There are some excellent points brought up in CrashX's post.

Sadly we had to pull reverse engineering off of our list of wants because it would decimate the trade market if you only had to buy 1 of something then could make it yourself.

Pulling a ship to a spacestation is a good idea just realize that tractor beams will be a rare commodity.

Crew gaining experience per component is just too much data to track when you factor in the number of total players with tens of thousands of units per user with an infinite number of components per player the numbers get astronomical.

Now crew transfers are something that I don't remember discussing (not the greatest memory) but I will add it to the discussion queue. If its feasible I don't expect it would make release but would make a good patch release later.

Keep up the excellent posts everyone!

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