Espionage And Agents

Espionage and Agents


Espionage in Beyond Protocol will involve agents.

A player will create a series of agent goals to form missions for their agents which will target other players that the player knows about.

The infiltration process involves agents getting into an empire and agents will also need to de-infiltrate an empire.

Empires have spy networks which consist of a group of agents or spies. These NPC's are committed (hopefully) to fulfilling the darkest needs of the empire regardless of self-sacrifice and cost.

This type of political zealot behavior can sometimes cause quite erratic consequences. A fraction of a percentage of all officer corps facility productions from within the player's empire produce an agent. It is assumed that 1 out of every 10000 or so soldiers who become officers will become an agent. We will want to refine this number more in order to maintain balance.

Agents are more defined than other units in the game. They have additional attributes that define their abilities. Each agent will also have some of the possible skills which are used to complete the missions you assign them. Furthermore, they do not take part in regular combat like a standard infantry unit, etc…

Agents are implemented and awaiting orders.

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This is admittedly my weakest topic. Enoch, can you tell us more?

Enoch Dagor


Agents are just being wrapped up and I am pretty confident in their added value to the gameplay. Agents are a rare event that occurs during gameplay. The rarity of the event is still being considered, for example, how many agents should a player have at their disposal? How quickly are agents presented to the player? etc…

Agents have proficiencies which are the basic attributes of the agent. These scores are used throughout the agent's life for a wide assortment of tasks and basically define what the agent will be best at doing.

Then, there are skills. Skills further define an agent and distinguish one agent from another. For example, one agent could have the Demolitions skill which would indicate that the agent would be more useful in Sabotage missions (that require blowing stuff up). Another Agent may have Science which would be more useful in Espionage missions.

The player has an overall control ability over the agents within their domain. The player instructs the agent on where to go (infiltrate), what missions to run and what skills to use in those missions.

Once the agents are infiltrated, they are considered "across the border" and are in enemy territory. During this time, they will attempt to embed themselves deeper into the target. However, at the same time the target empire's Counter Agents will be attempting to discover and capture enemy agents that are infiltrated or have infiltrated their empire.

You can set up the agent's "report frequency" which will provide you important intel about specific data within the target at the specified interval. However, each time a communication is attempted between empires, there is ALWAYS chance to get caught.

Missions can then be ran against the infiltrated target. These missions range from sabotage to espionage to blackops and more.

What is even better about this engine is that it is very expandable and we can add an unlimited number of missions to it with ease.


Everything is sellable, "talented individuals" are no exception. If you want to focus on espionage and the selling of other people's secrets you certainly can. Don't have enough agents to achieve this goal? Trade items and resources used more prominently in other aspects of the game for the additional agents you need.

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