David Vs Goliath

Indie versus Mainstream


Other than developer size, dollars, etc. Compare the differences that you see when a Mainstream company produces something and an Indie produces something. How are the games different? What makes you choose an Indie over Mainstream or a Mainstream over an Indie?


From my perspective, the only thing that would concern me is support. Indie design houses have the ability to create experiences every bit as good as the big shops, but the question come up: when I have a problem, will you be around for me? Knowing the folks involved with Dark Sky Entertainment and working on Beyond Protocol itself, I am comfortable with the company's ability to meet the demands and needs of its customer base over time. Another worry that could creep in is the continuity of the company. If you think way, way back, Halo was originally developed by Bungie as a Mac game that was supposed to be released in the days of the G3 (yes, I'm a Mac guy and yes, I've been one for that long Grinning). If Beyond Protocol ends up being the ultra-mega-mega success that we all hope it will be, is there a chance of DSE selling to one of the big shops for an uber sweet offer? And what implication would that have on any potential follow-ups to the game?

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