Confidence And Morale

Confidence and Morale


Units and Facilities take two scores into account when dealing with production and combat effectiveness.

These scores are Confidence and Morale.

Morale indicates how happy or sad the crew/people of the entity are. Morale is on an entity-to-entity basis. This value gets changed over time as positive and negative events occur to the entity. Also, as a general rule of thumb, 85 is the normal value. Being over 100 indicates an unnatural modification that applies across the board… one such example is that people are so happy that they produce additional work every cycle at a facility or can fight better.

If a colony is present, its morale can affect the entity's morale. In the case of a facility, this is always true. However, for units, it is not necessarily true.

The other score is Confidence and dictates how an entity reacts to drastic Morale changes. For example, when an entity is dying, their morale dwindles quickly… we check the Confidence score to determine the effect…

Where Morale indicates changes in events, Confidence dictates what happens when that event occurs. Confidence is the score assigned to the entity's belief in the situation. For example, an entity faced with death typically has two choices: Run or Become a Zealot. High Confidence would cause the entity to become a Zealot, Low Confidence would cause the entity to flee.

Morale is definitely going to be included in Beyond Protocol. However, Confidence is still on the drawing board.

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If confidence gets put in I would love to see veteran units bolstering their comrade in arms' confidence and having a legendary/notorious aspect on some extremely hardened ships causing confidence penalties on opponents.

I wonder if confidence would instigate a tactic of designing your ships for the confidence to break and placing mostly rear firing weapons… red alert, initiate tactical manoeuvre sequence chicken!

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