Colonists is a representation of people that exist within an environment. That environment has a colonist production rate that is not geometric. We don't want to do things in a geometric fashion because large empires would simply get too large at a critical point and create too many "super" empires. By allowing the growth rate to be per environment, the more environments an empire has exposure to, the faster that empire will grow in numbers across the empire.

Colonists are used for all of the activities in the game. Some variables will exist at the empire level that will allow for the steady growth of the economy and not create inflation.

Colonists are also used to determine the tax rate of an empire. The Tax Rate is a sliding scale value that is set by the empire. This produces currency for the empire that is used to pay for production and research costs of items.

Colonists are very much a part of the game, colonists migrate to your colonies when you provide adequate housing, low taxes and jobs. They will also get fed up and leave if they can't find work, are overtaxed or if there is not enough housing for them.

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Colonists also dictate the "control" of a planet.


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Multiple colonies can exist on 1 planet, in fact you will most likely start on a planet with other players. Who "owns" a planet (and the titles and voting rights that go along with owning planets) depends on who (if anyone) has 75% or more of the total colonists on that planet. Destroying an opponents buildings don't currently destroy colonists, it just makes them homeless and jobless which angers and demoralizes them to no end causing a rapid exodus from the planet of that players colonists.

This is how it currently works, if you have questions of suggestions for improvements lemme know.

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