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Closed Beta


Closed Beta is coming soon!

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We are fast approaching the start of our Closed Beta Testing phase.

We want to thank everyone that has applied for the beta test so far. We have had an enormous world-wide response and continue getting lots of applicants every day. As the team gathers to begin narrowing the list of applicants to the target 400, I wanted to mention that we are already revisiting our testing plan to try to allow for additional tester injections into the Closed Beta Phase. One such spot will be adding users instead of asking some of our current testers to restart to test older characters versus newer characters.

As long as the "Testers Needed" button is visible on the website we will be accepting applicants and reviewing all applicants before the final list of testers is decided on.

We are saddened by the fact that so many people who have shown interest in the testing process will not be able to take an immediate direct role in the testing process, however we are certain there will be plenty to talk about as this phase is only "Closed" in the sense of limited seats. We have no intention of limiting the testing community from talking about the game apart from exploits/hackable points found. Please stay active in the Beyond Protocol community and we will do our best to work you in where and when we can.

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