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If you have placed something in a forum or a chat place somewhere on the internet, put a link to it here. I want to make sure I don't miss any of your efforts. If you have placed content externally in more than one place, please keep it on one post here so that we don't have stacks of sorting to do.


Aurelius (edited into a Vimes post)

yes Vimes, yours is quite obvious. Thank you. I am making sure that we live up to the bargain of people who have posted so I can make sure they are among the "considered" group.



I used the link you are referring in your article, the problem is that it has your sessionID in the information. You are going to want to wipe out the sessionID. I went from your link and came in on your login. I am posting a sticky about it now.


Yes, you can use the screenshots for the WIKI. Be careful with the Beyond Protocol and the BP as they are both trademarked. Do not alter their look.

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