Declaration Of War


The noise was deafening, its ripping sound blinded the pilots to anything else. Even with a sound proof helmet on the pilot could still hear the dual chain guns firing hundreds of rounds. The pilots fighter was clearly damaged, its port wing was practically hanging off and the front section of the fighter was riddled with bullet holes, the pilot had been hit more than once and was trying to fight on but losing miserably.

“Die you b**tards!” he cried in anger.

His fighter banked to one side and made a sharp turn towards one of Havocs frigates, the b**tard had positioned them over the colonies of the Kaidan Imperium before the war started. This didn’t impress Jovien to much, he had respected the airspace of Havoc and had planned to leave his colonies alone until after the war had started. But now rather than deploying his strike forces to attack Havoc, Jovien found his people under assault on multiple planets. Havocs forces were positioned above all of Joviens cities and now the priority was not to attack Havoc but defend against him.

The fighter had maxed out its speed and was rapidly firing its main guns into the side of one of Havocs frigates. The frigate shows little signs of damage, the pilot knew his light cannons were ineffective but that wasn’t the point. This world was his homeworld and these people were his people, he was determined to destroy the frigate no matter what it took.

Ranging the frigate the pilots noticed several of his squadron forming up on his wing, “Aha”, he thought. “Finally we going to give them a real fight”, he muttered to himself.

Has the last wingman formed up a the frigates captain had obviously noticed the incoming threat, redirecting its main weapons the squadron came under fire from a hail of cannon fire. The pilots twisted his fighter desperately trying to avoid the incoming fire, but several rounds impacted his starboard engine and tore off the rear control thrusters. The fighter immediately entered into a death spin and sped towards the lava covered surface, the last thing the pilot thought before impacting the ground was that he had failed his people then everything went black.

The battle raged on above the downed fighter, its pilot broken but not quite dead, his emergency life support suit had kicked in, it was forcibly keeping him alive, his heart had long since given up the fight on its own, but the machine had not such luxury, it worked indefinitely on one task, to keep the pilot alive as long as possible.

Slowly the pilots eyes eventually opened, the pain he felt was unbearable, he groaned in half consciousness. He turned his eyes upwards towards the sky, the battle was still raging, Admiral Toones, was poorly equipped for the fight the Crane fighters and medium assault tanks were being butchered by the ton by the frigates. The defence force had managed to bring down only 2 of the metal monsters and that took everything they had and then some. But many more remained, he watched bearing the pain the best he could, he knew he was close to death the constant beep from the suit told him it had kicked in to try and save him, but the suit could only do so much. It was just a matter of time before other injuries resulted in his death.

Hours passed, at least that is how it seemed to the pilot every now and then he would lose consciousness and then reawaken once the suit injected a shot of adrenaline. The pilots head press hard against his right shoulder, he knew his collar bone was broken and must likely penetrating through the skin, he could feel a sore itch which he couldn’t scratch. He closed his eyes wishing for death, he now realised his legs were crushed beneath the collapsed steering control. But luckily for him he couldn’t feel any pain. At least that was one thing, he mind drifted through the events that had lead to the battle, he felt an overwhelming sense of regret that he and many of his fellow citizens would die this day. Has his will to live began to fade a strange purple light passed overhead and struck one of the frigates clearly rocking it violently, the pilots will suddening returned, his eyes widened, could it be the Imperial Navy had finally arrived.

A few moments later a wall of purple pulse fire from the renowned P500 Pulse MK1s weapon system, filled the sky above the downed pilot. If almost on cue his own heart began to beat once against without the aid of the suit. His spirit rose and he regained the will to live, forcing his broken arms up he clicked the comms button.

“This squadron leader Alexander Smith, my fighter is down and I have sustained serious injuries I require an immediate medical evac.”, he mumbled.

“This is the KIN Wannadoo, we have received your communication Smith, we are dispatching a medevac to your location, sit tight son, help is on its way.”, came the reply.

Alex sighed, a sense of joy filled him, what he had thought might be his last minutes had now changed to a need to live. Minutes passed and he saw a medevac craft approach the down fighter from above, he now knew he would if the universe was willing, survive this day.

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