Hardness: 1
Magnetic Production: 1
Magnetic Reactance: 2
Malleable: 3
Melting Point: 4
Psych: 0
Quantum: 0
Reflection: 1
Refraction: 2
Superconductive Point: 0
Temperature Sensitivity: 1
Thermal Conduction: 3
Thermal Expansion: 1
Toxicity: 0
Boiling Point: 5
Chemical Reactance: 1
Combustiveness: 2
Compressibility: 3
Density: 1
Electrical Resistance: 2

Note: Copper's viewable stats are 100% identical to Aluminium's. One is typically more common than the other on any given planet, but overall they are both common. One suggestion might be to not use both Aluminium and Copper in the same component. Doing so adds nothing to the value of the component while requiring that you have both resources in order to produce it. The exception would be if you use both to make an alloy.

Copper is one of the five so-called "Common" minerals, along with Titanium, Iron, Uranium, and Aluminium.


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