Colony Raid Strategies


Attacking on multiple fronts works best when your forces are augmented by those of another, or you recruit sub-commanders through Aliasing for your own forces. This forces your enemy to focus on many locations, each of which could be vital parts to the survival of this colony. Tactics such as Feigning, Misdirection, and Divide-and-Conquer are effective at reducing the number of defenders. If allies or sympathetic leaders are not available, this can be done alone.

A second attack style that is effective at wreaking havoc is the Command Center strike. If the location of this building is known, destroying it as soon as is possible is recommended. Without a command center, the colony will suffer a negative thirty morale penalty which affects all of its operations.

Your opponent will be able to rebuild the command center much faster than you can destroy it, so this should not be the only strategy you use. In addition, it is possible to construct fake command centers. These buildings can be armed and even stronger than the original, but when done correctly, a fake is difficult to differentiate from the real thing. However, should you find and destroy the original this will still inflict the penalty. If you find yourself wondering which command center is real, stop! Most likely, you are wasting valuable time, as the defender intended. Use another tactic until the command centers are more manageable by themselves.

When dealing with a heavily fortified base, you may consider bombarding the areas where you would take the most losses rather than facing them head on. With the ships and weapons to make bombarding effective, this option can save you lives and time. Conversely, when facing a base with proper defenses, there will probably be an enemy blockade directly above the planet preventing bombardment, so either destroy it or choose another strategy. This strategy may also be made ineffective by planetary defense weapons, which in most cases will concentrate fire from all over the planet to one spot, and be disastrous. When deciding on this option, consider the difference between space and planet side battles. In an atmosphere, maximum ship size is small compared to building size. In space, ships can rival the size and firepower of a space station. On the ground, a critical hit to the engine of a flying unit means the end of that unit. In space they can be repaired, or serve as a weapons platform. Against stationary units, slow, heavily armed, long range units have the advantage, while against mobile targets, speedy, maneuverable, rapid firing technology is generally advantageous.


Entrapping a target is useful when the mobile target has to be destroyed. Use this against a full carrier, jammer or a ship equipped with a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). In each case, you do not want to loose track of this unit. Doing so could cause your defeat. However, to entrap a unit successfully, you will need three ingredients. The first tracks with the rest of this discussion, I.e., Maneuverability higher than that of your target. The second is maneuver’s closest relative, Speed greater than your target. Third is the Firepower enough to destroy an often dangerous target quickly.


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