Buying & Selling Agents


If you have a client who wants you to run a mission and you are missing the necessary agents to execute it, you should consider agent trading.

The Galactic Trade Commission was unsure how to regulate the sale of such services and for a long time it prohibited their sale entirely in the interests of “economic stability”. As time passed, the Galactic Trade Commission relented on this position and concluded the trading of agents is a transaction that should be conducted between empires directly and privately. This allowed them to retain their unbiased position as the galaxy’s chief regulator on economic and aid matters. A good strategy is to limit your dealings to empires with which you have previously had a positive trade experience. This will minimize your risk of exposing your potential agent’s needs.

For those who are less concerned with actually keeping the acquired agents for their own means and more concerned with making as much money as possible, the agent trade can be a lucrative business. Recognizing what skills are valuable to the various espionage empires out there, can make you a valuable conduit for the trade of these agents and their unique skills. If you choose to go this route, spend time letting people know that you are interested in selling off agents to other empires so that buyers will know where to go looking when they are trying to find agent retailers.

This area of trade will easily be one of high demand long as you can maintain a variety of different skills to sell. This will force players to either come to you or try their luck on the random agent recruitment system; odds are in favor of their impatience and desire to accomplish certain missions winning out over their stubbornness at being forced to buy from you.


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