Building Your First Space Station


Space stations can be built in a variety of ways, they are essentially colonies which you build in space. Once built, each space station can create modules, there is a module equivalent of most planetary facilities (see chart below). space stations can be specialized to do anything a colony can, but remember each space station takes 50 facility points.

When designing a space station it is important to remember that they are meant to be investments, which also makes them strategic targets. You require a space-engineer and cargo ships in a battlegroup carrying all the materials you will need to build the station, including components and minerals.

While designing the station, keep in mind that any weapons you plan to add, along with storage and even hangar space, will require a certain amount of power. Your ability to supply power greatly impacts how large of a station you choose or what capabilities you will implement. It may be necessary to upgrade your power engines for the first time or simply get a little more from them to meet your stations’ requirements. Power for the stations buildable components, such as facilities, does not have to be taken into account as you can build power plants once the structure is finalized. Remember however, that if you use the power module, it counts towards the module count for the station.

Once your power requirements are under control, you need to decide if you want to add radar to your space station. It is not necessary, but doing so will give you several advantages. For instance, you will be able to add weapons to help prevent the loss of a colony or damage from invasion. You would also be able to use the station for scouting, making it an early detection system.

Your Space Station will have hanger space and bay doors – how many depends on what you plan to do with the station upon completion. Some hangar space and at least one bay door are required to allow the construction crew ample access for building now and repairs later. For most space stations, you will need at least a bay door and hangar size of between 500 and 700, depending on your engineer. If you are planning to set up a trade system using this station, it is wise to have many doors and large hanger bays to accommodate the numerous ships with which you will be dealing.

You can add cargo to your station if you like. While cargo does take power to keep operational, its uses are sometimes necessary. Cargo space can be added to a station to act as a storage center or aid in the production of new fleet additions. Also, you can carry spare parts in your cargo bays for quick fixes without the risk of additional loss.


The larger the hull, the more structural points, and in turn the more components you are allowed. For every 50,000 structural points you can add one additional component and 2,000 Colonists, with a maximum capacity of two hundred components and 400,000 Colonists on the largest Space Station Hull.


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