Building Ships


It is hard to rely on only one arc in your designs and still maintain armor to protect precious components, such as engines. Still, placing a component across multiple arcs is not advised due to the increased chance that the component will be destroyed. For those times when it is necessary due to the size of your components, ensure every arc has a balanced armor distribution. However, if you have good maneuverability this may not be necessary.

To demonstrate, let us say you have a Cruiser with a hull size of 100,000. Your engine for this ship is 26,000. If you were to put this engine in the rear arc, you might be able to get 1,000 plates worth of armor on this arc - which sounds great until you realize you can get 5,000 plates on every other arc. Once the enemy realizes your rear is weak, they will focus on it until your ship is out of commission. Now take that same ship and spread the engine out across the left and right arcs. By doing this we can give the rear more armor and only minimally reduce the protection on the side arcs.

The more arcs you have with that same component, the more likely it is to be damaged. If you have it in one arc the chance is one in four should the armor be wiped out. If you have the component in two arcs the chances are raised to two in four. This process continues until you have all four arcs filled. It is advised never to stretch anything to more than three arcs unless it just cannot be fitted otherwise. If all four arcs are required, you should adjust your design for better efficiency.


If you set your hit points to be twenty-five percent over the hull size, your design will be about a one-day research. A one-day research is not as long as it sounds if you maximize your research ability paying to use multiple facilities. Hit points of thirty percent will put you around three days, thirty-five around seven, and forty percent puts you at about seventeen days. Any larger number will really start to drive up costs and research times. Depending on the size of your hull, the twenty-five percent more hit points will multiply your cost in credits by about three with the smallest of ships and around forty with the largest of ships.


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