Building and Using Battle Groups


Contrary to the name, battle groups can be utilized for many non-hostile actions. While “Project: BATTLEGROUP” is a system developed and used most often by military commanders, it can be very useful to any leader. Accessible by pressing F3, “Project: BATTLEGROUP” can be used to organize fleets, locate assets, discover new lands and build space stations.

The first and most important thing that should be known about battle groups is their ability to cross the vast reaches between stars without the need to find or study wormholes. Individual units are not capable of such journeys because of the need for special oversight in deep space. In the early days of interstellar travel, cryogenic freezing in conjunction with a navigational computer was the standard. However, after entering the blackness of deep space, many ships equipped in this manner arrived at their destinations filled only with skeletons; some did not arrive at all. It turns out that even the best navigational computers available were not advanced enough to compensate for micro asteroids and spatial anomalies.

In addition, the unthawing process was not quick enough to waken the crew when such an event arose and, often, they awoke only to find flames sucking away what little oxygen was left in the ship. It was then determined that in order to travel safely between solar systems, special command oversight, initially labeled “Project: BATTLEGROUP,” was required. This oversight came in the form of sophisticated telemetry gathered from sympathetic colonies.

Another feature of battle groups is the ability to be reinforced by units with hangar space. The command to initiate this is found in any unit’s contents window, and is activated with the “Launch to Reinforce” button. When a unit is lost within the battle group, a replacement will be launched from this building. Of course, the “Remove Reinforcer” removes these relationships, if that is your intention.

The final use of battle groups for any nation is their ability to build Space Stations. The coordination necessary to build such a facility requires the oversight of a battle group, without which things may go awry. In order to utilize this aspect of a battle group, place your building unit and any cargo units necessary in a battle group. All required minerals and components must be in the same environment as the builder; meaning your cargo units. As teleportation of livestock is ill advised for nations not very far advanced in this technology, personnel required for the space station must be loaded on the builder before construction.


If you would really like to be in a different system, and wormhole travel is not an option, battle groups provide you with a method of travel. This can be used to colonize untouched lands, to open trade with other nations, or to jump behind enemy lines. Be warned, it is the slowest method of travel, but can sometimes be the only method of travel that doesn’t get you killed! The speed of travel between stars depends on the speed of the slowest ship in the group. If you have fast carriers, use them!

Battlegroup Benefits

Interstellar travel
Faster fleet readiness times
Unit location tracking
Sustained fleet size
Enhanced diversity maintenance.


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