Building a Power Generator With Storage


The beginning power generator only produces two thousand units of power, has only fifteen thousand hit points, and has two hundred hit points in armor with fifty on each arc. While the beginning power generator takes no materials to build, is fairly cheap, and can be built on a brand new colony right from the start, they are weak and do not produce much in the way of power. You can build much bigger power generating engines and at the same time do more with your power generator hull. By optimizing your design to fill multiple purposes you will make wise use of your build space by constructing a multi-purpose power generator.

To start, go to the hull designer and find the power generator hull. Now make a power generator that will double as a warehouse. The warehouse hull only allows for one hundred and thirty thousand hull space while the power generator hull allows for two hundred thousand. This makes it easier to get more hit points. Put in two hundred thousand for the hull and hit points. Your next decision is which mineral you will use. Since you will probably build many of these power generators, it would be best if you used an easily made alloy with high hardness that will make your design cheaper.

Put in enough space to house whatever power generator you want to use. To begin, using the simple Beginning Power Generator will yield a great result (2000 power x 300% = 6000 power). Once you have created space for the engine, you add cargo space. This lets you store components and minerals inside your power generator and acts like a warehouse. Do not forget to use armor. You can use beginning armor and upgrade to resist armor later. Complete the research and you now have two buildings in one.


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