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Beyond Protocol places you in a time where billions of Earth's exiles seek out the leadership of a few. You are placed in control of a group of colonists who believe that you can bring them the happiness their ancestors had on Earth. Your actions, leadership, and desire will bring forth changes sought by all who decide to step Beyond Protocol.

• Epic Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game set on thousands of unique worlds in hundreds of star systems with each planet giving specific advantages and disadvantages to those who call it home.
• Lead your forces in planetary and space combat simultaneously and in real-time against thousands of other players.
• The first ever RTS that provides fully customizable units. You have the ability to design each component of every unit and facility giving you the ultimate power and flexibility to create your own strategy.
• Intense 3D graphics with player customizable features such as engine glow, beam color, clarity, and shield bloom provide cinematic video effects and scenery. With 3D planet terrains, planning for defensive and offensive positioning are required as you discover the terrain and how it can benefit your endeavors.
• Form alliances, join guilds and take part in the most dynamic and intricate political arena available in gaming. Employ your political skills to change the course and even the laws of the game through the galactic senate.
• Everything you do remains when you log off and your empire continues to build, grow and battle even while offline in this truly persistent universe.
• Build a colony on your home world— allying with or destroying other players also claiming that world as home, launch endeavors to build space stations, explore your solar system, exploit and colonize other planets and other star systems.
• Accumulate mineral wealth for use in trades or technology design.
• Organize your forces and colonies so that control can be maintained even while offline through portable electronic devices and email.
• You choose your destiny! Are you to be a conquering emperor? A manipulative trade mogul seeking the highest prices for your wares? A diplomatic leader forming powerful alliances and influencing others to aid you in your goals? A treacherous leader of espionage seeking out and leveraging the secrets of other empires? The opportunities and options are limitless.
• You choose your depth of play! Through cooperative play, you and your friends can control a single empire and through aliasing, your friends can play your empire from their own account allowing for multiple players to control the actions of the empire simultaneously. Truly cooperative play in an MMO setting.


The game originally went live on November 21st, 2008. It was created and run by Dark Sky Entertainment, but was eventually forced to shut down on April 11, 2011. Dark Sky Entertainment then chose to release the code to the public on SourceForge under a Non-Profit Open Software License 3 agreement.
DSE's official website is no longer available and the URL www.beyondprotocol.com now goes to the SourceForge page.

The community is now attempting to restart the game. Visit the Beyond Protocol Community web site for more up-to-date info.

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