Battlegroups are formed control groups that can play important roles both militarily and logistically. It is a number of units gathered to fulfill a role you choose. The number of units in a battlegroup and the number of battlegroups you can control are limited by tech levels.

F3 will bring open your battlegroup window. There you will notice several buttons.

Create button will assign the currently selected units to a battlegroup. When the battlegroup is first made they will be assigned a default name. In the list you will see their battlegroups current location and where they were first created.

The top window will show a list of the current battlegroups you have created. When you double click one of the battlegroups on the list, the window below will reveal the units that make up that battlegroup.

Disband button will disband any battlegroup that you have selected in the list.

Rename button will rename any group that you have selected in the list of battlegroups.

Orders button will allow you to give specific battlegroup travel orders to a group that you have selected. This will bring you to a galaxy map view of the current known galaxy and the ability to select a system that the battlegroup will travel to. A small window in the galaxy view will reveal the current orders of that battlegroup (if any orders already exist), and the estimate arrival time of the star system you have planned to travel to. Click confirm to send the battlegroup on its way.

Coming soon: Reinforce, Controlling Battlegroups via TXT, and more.


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