Battle Stations


A Battle Station possesses two levels of defense. One as a carrier for a warrior fleet and the other for the weapons it can bring to a battle. To make them effective when carrying Fighters, they must be able to sortie quickly. I would recommend at least twenty small doors and one large one. The small doors main goal is to launch waves of twenty Fighters ships at a time and quickly.

As a gun ship, your power generator will determine the overall firepower possible for the station so make it a big one. Properly equipped a Battle Station can put out more firepower than any other unit in the universe. You will also want to put your best radar for this ship to ensure you have the best advantage for spotting the enemy. As for the guns, I would keep them mixed using some of everything available to you. If the enemy is strong against beam and all you have are beam weapons this fight will not go well for you.

Remember, while Fighters may not be able to destroy your station they can cripple it - keep a few anti-Fighter weapons on hand for them. Armor is one of the most expensive parts of your station. Both the mineral cost and the credit cost will be the highest of all the parts. Put as much armor on as you can to lengthen your ships life.

Battle Stations are the primary means of defending your vital positions in space. These behemoths are best used around wormholes, planets, and other important space stations like your trade station, a shipyard, or a mining station with large stockpiles of resources. The greatest asset to defending your empire can end up being a Battle Station if you manage to place it in the right spot.

The Battle Station hull in this game has a hull size of eleven million, making it the largest hull in the game. It can have the most structural hit points and the most hit points per arc. The biggest challenge you will face building a Battle Station is making a power generator large enough to power the largest guns. Another issue could be coming up with the minerals to armor it completely; it is very likely that you will not use up all the armor space available.


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