Hardness: 1
Magnetic Production: 1
Magnetic Reactance: 2
Malleable: 3
Melting Point: 4
Psych: 0
Quantum: 0
Reflection: 1
Refraction: 2
Superconductive Point: 0
Temperature Sensitivity: 1
Thermal Conduction: 3
Thermal Expansion: 1
Toxicity: 0
Boiling Point: 5
Chemical Reactance: 1
Combustiveness: 2
Compressibility: 3
Density: 1
Electrical Resistance: 2

Note: Aluminium's stats aren't good, but it remains an interesting resource because it is very common, possibly the most common mineral in the game. This means that whatever planet you're on, you will probably be able to construct any structure or unit Hulls you have designs for that use Aluminium. On the downside they'll either have less hitpoints or be much more expensive.

Aluminium (almost always referred to as Aluminum) is one of the five so-called "Common" minerals, along with Titanium, Uranium, Iron, and Copper.


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