Aliasing is a powerful tool only found in Beyond Protocol™. This tool can allow two or more people to control one account at the same time. You will find this system speeds up not only base development, but also military scenarios. With this tool and the right amount of units, you can battle on multiple fronts at the same time. You have control of how much access to your account is granted to an alias. This helps ensure only the most trustworthy of people get everything.

To set up an Alias:

Open your Control menu by pressing ESC
Click on the “Create Alias” button
In the User Name section type in the player’s in-game name as it is shown in your diplomacy window
Choose the rights you want to give this player. Give as little or as much as you want.
Save the settings. An in-game e-mail will be sent to them letting them know that they now have an alias for your account.


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