Agents Overview


Building an Effective Agency

When I’m reviewing potential spies, I measure the agent on 4 different skills; dagger, infiltration, resourcefulness, and suspicion, on a scale of 0-100. You need to review each of these qualities for each agent. Just because one rating is really low doesn’t mean the agent can’t be good at something else. If you have an agent with a 0 infiltration, but a 98 dagger he will be a great counter Intel agent. Also pay close attention to the talents they specialize in, an agent with perfect proficiencies and no skills might not be your best choice. So now you have a bunch of eager qualified agents. First thing you need to do is build an effective counter Intel network. Take a look at the intelligence missions that you are able to conduct, look closely where the agent needs to infiltrate. Then you take your best qualified “dagger” agents, and infiltrate them into your network. I always put some of my best in Colonial, General, and Research, acting as counter agents. The trick is to understand the spy’s mind. When the enemy agent accomplishes a mission, he is going to have to infiltrate twice. The first time with relatively low suspicion, the second time, if your agents doing his job, with much higher suspicion. Higher suspicion severely hampers the enemy from doing their espionage successfully.

If your agent arrests an enemy agent, they will place him/her in solitary confinement. Your agents are not going to know much about his/her position, or even name. That’s when the fun comes in. You need to find an agent with a high “dagger” score and a talent in interrogation or torture. By the way, the term torture is not used much, in the business we refer to it as “creative questioning, with incentives for cooperation.” You have to balance two issues here: your need for information, and the agent’s health. You don’t want to kill them. If you keep them alive the enemy agency can no longer replace his position with a free agent. If you eliminate him, the enemy is able to hire a new agent.

It’s important to get as much info as possible. If you can figure who they were from and what their mission was for, you can adjust your network accordingly, and conduct a counter attack. It’s also possible to do prisoner swaps later for one of your agents, or your ally’s agents.


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