Agent Proficiences


Dagger: refers to the agent’s ability to conduct counter-espionage or black operations. These measure the agent’s ability to conduct kinetic action against an enemy espionage/counter-espionage network. In simple terms: How to kill or arrest an enemy agent. A 100 rating indicates that this ole agent likes to crawl in the mud, eat snakes, and do all of this without being noticed. A zero rating, well you ever see the guys that lie in bed all day and yell for their coke to be brought for them, that’s a zero rating dagger. For counter intelligence missions and black ops missions, the higher number the better.

Infiltration: This is the ability to covertly enter and EXIT the targets infrastructure, without being noticed. Keep this number as high as possible. An agent with a one hundred Infiltration rating is most likely James Bond. If you notice all your important files were missing from your highly alarmed office….this guy probably did it. A zero rating, well, let’s just say this guy had a hard time making the interview, he’s probably still at the front door, pushing on the pull door.

Resourcefulness: This is how much ingenuity your agent is going to be able to generate when he runs into trouble. A good score is the difference between your agent making a pulse laser out of a paperclip and a rubber band; and a bad score where he’s using his pulse laser as a hammer.

Suspicion: This is the only rating that is going to change when your agents are on a mission, and the only rating that goes above 100. As the spy master, you need to keep an eye on it. If your agent’s suspicion level gets to high, it’s time to start pulling your agents out of the territory. When your agent has a suspicion level of 0, things are going great and the enemy doesn’t know him from Adam. When it starts getting above 100, everyone knows what he/she is doing and you need to consider pulling him/her out. Now keep in mind this is the perception of the agent, not the reality, so it’s the agent’s perception that the suspicion is at 100, and it really could be at 0. I will tell you more secrets for keeping the perception level down later


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