Agent Mission Types


Mission Name Description Infiltration
Acquire Design Data The prerequisite for this mission is the “Get Technology List” mission. You will not have any actual targets until after you have acquired the entire list of designs of your opposing empire.Once you have managed to pull off this mission, you have to take a careful look at the designs that interest you.

The reason for carefully analyzing the names of the designs is simple - this mission can only be executed on one design at a time. If you don’t pick a design that is actually valuable to someone, then you’re simply wasting time and resources on a wild goose chase.

You only have two options for your network here, Brute Force and Solo Agent. Brute Force is quicker, but riskier and requires more agents. Solo Agent requires a single skilled agent, but is slower and safer. The results of this mission could easily fetch a high price from interested parties if you find valuable information on an enemy’s empire, such as the resistances on their armor.
Analyze Budget Upon successful completion of your Analyze Budget mission, an in-game e-mail sent to you will have all the information contained in the targets F7 Budget Window. This gives you details on how much money he spends and on what, if the planet has a command center, the tax rate, the trade income, if there are any researchers, money spent on defenses, aerial support, and spaceports. This is the FOUNDATION OF ALL OTHER AGENT MISSIONS. Do this for all the colonies on which he is located to have a way to prioritize your missions.

As usual, you have access to the three standard trees with which to complete your mission: Solo Agent, Seductive, and Brute Force. Solo Agents will only need two to three different skills for this mission and this is appealing for those who wish to minimize their agent involvement. The shorter time Brute Force takes is always a factor in utilizing this option, but time is not necessarily an issue with this mission.
Assassinate Governor Colony Governors enjoy all the benefits of their populace and they are of supreme importance to the colony’s production, morale, and income. The best way to put a planet’s colony at risk is to kill their governor. Not only does the target empire’s colony receive hits to its morale, production, and income ratings, they can do nothing to stop it once accomplished.

This mission is accomplished via Brute Force or Seduction, depending on your agents’ skills. Seduction missions require fewer agents but need to have high infiltration skills. The goal time line is about 2 hr and 15 minutes. Brute Force is a hefty mission requiring many agents with high dagger skills, and its goal completion time is about 1 day, 6 hours and 42 minutes.

Combine this tactic with your conventional military forces. Obtain the appropriate intelligence, analyze the budget on the colony you want to affect and complete a targeted governor assassination.
Bad Publicity This is an attack on the colonial economy. The galactic community is fickle - ask an ambassador and they will prove my point. What you stand up for today will definitely be used against you in the future. With the advent of popular government, governments tend to be subject to the popular will. Empires that are considered as going against the popular will of the galactic community will no doubt draw the ire of the galactic community. This mission plants questionable evidence in the target empire’s trade depot and offends the galactic community. The community will respond by delaying all trade transactions with your target empire.

This mission is relatively harmless by itself, however when used in combination with an overall attack campaign this could be very harmful, gradually bringing down their economy.
Capture Agent This allows you to capture and enemy agent. The enemy will not have any idea who captured their agent or why - just a notification their agent has gone missing. Of course, you will not know whom you captured until you have done some ‘creative questioning.’ Here you have a couple of options: you can interrogate the agents and execute them, interrogate them and keep them in holding, or simply release them. There are big differences between these choices and you need to have a plan before you do any interrogation since this generally shortens the enemy agents’ life span. Carefully choose agents with good skill of Interrogation or Torture, and always monitor life signs.

If you can keep the agent alive but in captivity, you prevent the enemy agency from being allowed to field a replacement. You are also denying them of a specialist agent, possibly preventing them from completing other missions. If the agent is particularly skillful, you may want to consider executing them. Yes, they will eventually be able to recruit a replacement, but it will take time and you eliminate the risk of a rescue attempt. Then again, if you think the agent is valuable, you could notify the enemy agency that you would consider releasing them for the right number of credits.
Clutter Cargo Bay This espionage mission is not meant to be executed singularly, but rather as a part of an offensive.

Use it against an enemy empire mobilizing its forces for war. This mission disorganizes an empires storage facility. By reducing the total capacity of the target empires cargo bay, the colony’s storage bay is a logistical nightmare. When the storage facility fills up, factories stop producing, miners stop gathering resources, and trades stay in the tradepost, ensuring they get charged a hefty trade port fee.
Destroy Facility This mission can be done using either Deception or Brute Force. This will destroy the target facility, which also has the effect of destroying any production or research currently being done in the facility. The mission requires that you run the “Get Facility List” mission prior to running it. Destroying certain kinds of facility can cause lower morale in that environment and will also destroy any cargo in the building. General
Find Mineral There are over one hundred minerals in the game, these minerals are found in varying locations and when a play runs short on their supply of key minerals, those which are used in their most important components, they will want to find the same minerals. This makes the Find Mineral mission a powerful tool for commerce, as well as your own uses. Use it to locate minerals which are important to you, or use the information to sell minerals or their location to other players. Solar System
Get Ally List In the agent and diplomacy business, knowing whom is aligned with whom can determine the fate of an issue. It is imperative to know who your target allies are. Allies determine how much of their income and support will come knocking on your door if you attack. Federal
Get Facility List This mission is a pre-requisite for certain missions. In a successful agent mission your team will covertly report on what facilities they have discovered on a target planet. If your agents are caught on this mission it will greatly slow down your espionage as other players recognize this as a gateway mission. General
Get Mineral List This mission, when successfully completed, will enable your agents to acquire a list of all the known minerals of another empire. By filling in the blanks of your own mineral list and knowing where to track down the ones you are missing, you can quickly and efficiently design things, or sell the information to someone else.

The traditional three methods that are available for this mission are Solo Agent, Seduction, and Brute Force. For the Solo Agent method you need an agent exceptionally talented in a wide variety of areas in order to successfully accomplish your mission, but if you have that agent it is the best route. Brute Force and Seduction are the about equal so use whichever you have the best skill set for.
Get Trade Treaties This mission reveals the number of allies and the beneficial trade income that comes with that type of relationship amongst empires.

The added benefit to this mission, is the wide variety of methods that can be used to accomplish your goals. Tactics range from Brute Force, Solo Agent, Seductive, and the very unique GTC (Galactic Trade Commission) Payoffs method. Brute Force is much like other missions where results are provided faster, but riskier. Seductive is your hybrid option. The Solo Agent has the option of sneaking in alone, but with a larger time aspect associated with it.
IFF Sabotage IFF stands for “Interrogator: Friend or Foe”. The agent team can go to the target unit and destroy this little black box, this will cause the unit to fire on friendly targets. -
Incite Unemployment Unrest The tactic of “Inciting Unemployment Unrest” requires careful consideration before execution.

This mission is most effective during wartime while the enemy is preoccupied. This will cause the citizens of your opponent’s empire to become increasingly angered at their jobless situation, decreasing morale. Your team of agents for this mission will be much like the ones that are used for the “Incite Tax Unrest” mission, as the same skill sets are required to accomplish either mission. To ensure this tactic is successful, keep a close eye on your agents to avoid capture and make sure your opponent is sufficiently involved with your own or some other players’ army.
Incite Tax Unrest This mission increases the unrest caused by taxes, which lowers morale. It is often used in conjunction with other morale lowering missions to cause extreme unrest in the target colony. You can do this one of three ways, through Persuasion, a Tradeshow, or a Sponsored Event. Tradeshow and Sponsored Events are by far the easier ways to grab people’s attention as they give people a legitimate reason to get out and go somewhere. The Tradeshow option requires a skilled tradesman and a Sponsored event requires one of your best forgers to make the event appear legitimate without arousing the suspicions of the opposing empire’s authorities. Since it only requires three agents, this mission can do substantial damage to an unsuspecting player. Colonial
Production Espionage The Production Espionage allows you to acquire a list of what the infiltrated facility is currently producing. This is helpful in both accomplishing other missions and planning a war. There are three ways to accomplish this mission.

The Solo Agent tree employs the usual methods of acquiring a worker’s pass from the appropriate authorities, but requires a substantial effort by one talented agent. This mission is by far one of the better ones for a solo agent to undertake if you have the skills. The Brute force tree is faster, but more dangerous and uses more agents. The Seductive tree is somewhere between the two in terms of speed and safety.

The real objective is acquiring the data in the best manner that your network can. Once you have the information, either sell it off quickly to an opponent of that empire, or proceed to run another mission using this intelligence.
Rescue Agent The Rescue Agent mission is one of the single most important missions you can run! If your agent is captured, the enemy’s empire will imprison him/her and then begin their interrogation, while he is captured he cannot be dismissed this and can also lead to the enemy getting information about who sent the agent.

The goal time for this mission is approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes, and your only attack choice is Brute Force missions. Since this mission is very similar to an assassinate agent mission, your core team can be used to rescue an agent. The difference is the daring escape portion; this will require demolitions, tactics, and a weapons specialist. It is rare to get a high skill weapons specialist, so make sure you keep that in mind when screening potential recruits. The best thing about this mission is that you do not have to infiltrate an empire to rescue an agent, just a solar system. A wise spy master will have his rescue team already infiltrated into the system. A wise leader will also infiltrate agents into his home system to prevent an escape.
Sabotage Production Prior to running this mission you must first complete a “Get Facility List” mission, so you can acquire a direct target for your agents. Furthermore you should also run the “Production Espionage” mission to find out exactly what the target facility is building, this will increase your chances of success and ensure that your target is worthwhile.

This mission attempts to undermine the production queue of the targeted production facility and, upon successful completion, destroy everything that was being produced in that facility. If your opponent is building a capital ship on their space station you can infiltrate a couple of agents and successful completion of this mission will not only cause the production of the capital ship to be canceled, but all components produced as part of the construction will also be destroyed.
Siphon Trade Income The owner of a mining facility receives a royalty payment from all the minerals bought into the facility, if an empire has many mines, and many empires are using those mines, the owning empire makes some money each time a hauler from another empire claims some minerals at the owned facility. The Siphon Trade Income mission takes a portion of that income and gives it to you, this mission is difficult to detect due to it’s spread out nature. -
Slow Docking Since any good player has reinforcements inside facilities in locations that are valuable to them, the slow docking mission allows you to reduce the rate at which those reinforcements appear during your attack. You want to run “Analyze Budget” mission to make sure that your opponents have assets docked inside their facilities. Keep in mind this mission is only useful in conjunction with a military attack.

This mission allows you to use either Deception or Brute Force. Brute Force is faster but also involves more risk. Deception takes longer, but is less resource intensive and less risky.
Slow Factory Production Completion of this mission will allow you to slow the production of your opponent’s facilities by 10%, just enough to cause a delay, but not so much that it becomes obvious. Unless they pay very close attention to what’s going on, they’ll never pick up on the subtle but significant difference. The pre-requisite for this mission is the “Get Facility List” mission. It is recommended that you also run a “Production Espionage” mission to help you decide whether or not a particular facility is worth targeting, but that it is not required to be effective.

You have a choice between Brute Force, Deception, or Solo Agent methods. For this mission to be truly effective you want to affect as many facilities as possible so it would be wise to assemble teams of agents capable of executing this mission using all three skill trees – this way you can quickly and efficiently disable the enemies’ ability to build their units as quickly as you can build your own.
Steal Cargo The “Steal Cargo” mission requires that you first run the “Get Facility List” mission to acquire the locations of the enemy’s production and storage structures. You might also wish to run the “Get Technology List” mission if you are capable of it, but that is a much more difficult mission.

Deception and Brute Force are the options for the “Steal Cargo” mission. Deception takes significantly more time to accomplish, but the risk is much lower. Brute Force is faster but has higher risks.


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