Aerial Superiority


The enhanced speed, maneuverability, scouting power, and component targeting capability of the Fighter make it a very strong choice for defense. Coupled with their ability to be quickly produced, you have practically an infinitely reinforceable air force that can wreak havoc on any enemy fleets as they attempt to destroy your own structures.

You will have the advantage of increased visibility of your planet and complete knowledge of the location of critical assets you may have there, whereas your opponent will not. Since your structures will almost certainly have some form of radar, you can use them as another way to scout out any potential intrusions into your own territory and react to them as quickly as possible.

Remember your attacking opponent will probably be limited in the amount of forces they can field since odds are they are not coming from the same planet. Disabling whatever ships they have sent will be an invaluable move for you. This will also put them with Command Points frozen in an environment. Eventually run out of reinforcements and you will have won the day as far as air superiority is concerned.

If you are attacking and attempting to gain air superiority, make sure you know where EVERYTHING your opponent has is located. Scouting out critical assets, structures or units, is essential for air superiority. It is also in your best interest as an attacker to keep your forces busy in as many locations as possible to prevent your opponent from easily predicting what your next move might be.

It would be highly recommended by any battlefield commander that air superiority be attained before going down to the planet. Once this is done, set up your forces so that you have scouts who can go down and maneuver around very quickly. Use some of your units in orbit to bombard key locations throughout the environment as you uncover them. This can force the defender to have to divert his units above the surface of his planet to deal with the threat. Make sure some of your stronger units are up there to deal with whatever your opponent might throw at you from his atmospheric ship fleet. If you can guarantee you have ships which can take care of any annoying Fighters they might deploy, your atmospheric ships can continue to do as much damage as possible on the planet itself.


Keep in mind that the largest ship which can actually enter the atmosphere of your planet is only about thirty four thousand hull size. This allows smaller, more expendable units to easily excel as the defending empire in this environment.


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