Advanced Engine Specials


Technology Effect Description Rarity
Engine Overload Control Engine Power Bonus 3% An AI system has been put into place that will monitor the engine power overloading process. Should anything go wrong it will be able to fix it immediately. Rare
Controlled Power Overload Engine Power Bonus 4% The AI system in the engine room has been patched to control the overloading process and can better judge the volatile conditions. Rare
Efficient Power Theories Engine Power Bonus 7% New power leads should make our generators more efficient since the old ones were ancient and needed to be replaced. Rare

Technology Effect Description Rarity
Propulsion Overloading Theory Max Speed Bonus 2 With a few extra jumpers our engines are able to squeeze out a little extra speed. Any new design with the jumpers will benefit from the speed increase. Rare
Advanced Propulsion Overloading Max Speed Bonus 5 A new method of wiring the engine relays has allowed a larger increase in speed. Any new design will use the new method and get a nice boost. Rare
Aggressive Propulsion Overloading Max Speed Bonus 10 A new sensor suite has been developed allowing better temperature control in the engine. With the sensors we will be able to redline our drives and be warned of any problems before they happen. Rare
Controlled Singularity Warp Drive We can now create our own wormholes to create a series of jumps to any known place in space. Rare
Hyperspace Hyperspace Traveling between systems has never been faster for our battlegroups with our newest invention, the hyperspace drive. What used to take days will only take hours at the most. Rare
Fold Space Travel Fold Space Folding space has always been theoretical and in some cases a figment of someones imagination. Well the scientist who designed our fold space drive has brought a dream into reality. We can now fold space in any direction and to any place in the galaxy. Nothing can stop us from exploring our galaxy in record time. Ultra- rare

Technology Effect Description Rarity
Advanced Pilot Training Maneuver Bonus 1 New training exercises for pilots teaches them to get more out of their machines when it comes to maneuvering their craft. Rare
Advanced Pilot Interfaces Maneuver Bonus 2 New controls allow better flexibility when maneuvering any vehicle. Rare
Predictive Pilot Theories Maneuver Bonus 3 If pilots think about all the possibilities ahead of them, they should be prepared for anything allowing for instant response times when maneuvering. Rare
Predictive Pilot Training Maneuver Bonus 4 Training our pilots to think through every possible action has given them an edge when performing combat maneuvers. Rare
Predictive Pilot Interface Maneuver Bonus 5 A new AI interface has been installed in our vehicles that give the most probable course of action to take when maneuvering. Rare
Neural Pilot Interface Maneuver Bonus 10 The AI has been integrated with the pilot so they always know which move to make. No one can outmaneuver them now. Rare


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