Acquiring Agents


Officicers, Barracks, and Agents

Acquiring agents can be a somewhat difficult process, as only the best of the best are considered as potential agent trainees. To begin, your agents will go through basic training in the Barracks. You produce ten enlisted each time you send one batch of recruits through boot camp. The Officer’s Academy only gives you ten officers for every thirty enlisted. As the rates of production between the barracks and the officer’s facility are relatively similar, it becomes clear you will quickly run out of enlisted from which to recruit your officers, so you must find a way to balance the rates of production.

From your trained officers come your agents and there is only a small chance you will ever get access to any potential agent recruits. Being limited to fifty agents for your entire empire, your agency will only want the best possible recruits. This job requires men and women who can do everything a normal officer is capable of and then some. Only the best need apply and, more often than not, even the best just are not good enough.

Remember your agent recruitment pool, unlike your individual officers and enlisted pools is empire-wide, to having your officers and enlisted training in a variety of environments is no different than if you were training them in the same environment.

The general rule here is to maintain around a two to one ratio between barracks and officer’s academies. This will ensure you are always producing enough enlisted for your empire to continue to produce competent officers, and in turn provide more potential agent recruits from which to draw your agent network.

When recruiting agents, regardless of whether or not you have hired them, until you dismiss them entirely they still count towards your fifty-agent limit. This makes it important to actually go through your potential recruits and dismiss those that are of no interest to your empire. Continue recruiting agents at a regular pace so that you can eventually acquire the super spies that every empire desires to call their own.

If you dismiss an agent you have already hired, they will remain in your agent list for a period of about twenty four hours before they are removed from your list entirely. During this period they will remain part of your fifty-agent limit which could prevent you from running another type of mission until they are truly gone from your records. In other words, timing is everything. The delay is a result of the time it takes an empire to completely eliminate any record or paper trail of an agent’s existence and activities, so your empire can truly say the agent never existed.


Agents become available for recruitment depending on the number of officers you are training across your empire.


Keep in mind that you can only have 50 agents in your network at any time. Unless you actually need so many officers and enlisted for other purposes, like building up your military, you will most likely be wasting credits on their production.


One very important thing to note about preventing agent attacks, if you capture an enemy agent inside your empire try your hardest to find out exactly what he was doing and where he infiltrated. Odds are if they were on any sort of mission, you can reallocate your resources inside that sector and end up capturing quite a few more enemy agents that you might have missed.

When you are not directly under attack make sure you have counter agents infiltrated into each and every section of your empire. This will at least give you a chance of disrupting, if not outright capturing or killing enemy agents that attempt to infiltrate you. You never know what areas of your empire your opponents might think are important.


Agents with high Dagger and Resourcefulness skills make the most successful counter agents. There are a few other skills, such as Paranoid, that also help counter agents in their mission to track down enemy agents hidden within your empire.


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